About us

Photo Logistics is a dedicated company to give service to the nature photographer. We are photographers and so we know that the photographer needs. From the maximum respect to the fauna we want to put at the disposal of the photographers worldwide the possibility of working with the most interesting species.

From this web you will find what you need to get inside this exciting world, from service dedicated to professional photographers until the learning tools for those who want to deepen in the nature through the photography. This it is a new service that will be growing. Hides dedicated to the obtaining of scaravenges pictures,safaris for mammals, trips for photographers, courses of initiation or courses of computer tools for the photographer and, of course, your suggestions, will be appearing through the Web of Photo Logistics.

PHOTO LOGISTICS is your service enterprise when you come shooting to South Europe .

We collaborate with conservation projects for threatened species both in the Pyrenees mountains and in steppic lands.

From our hides network photographers get pictures used for divulgation and raising awareness purposes about species and habitats conservation.

By means of agreements with landowners and local councils we help harmonic rural development.

Carles Santana. Biologist and photographer of nature. He has worked in management of natural areas and species as much in the Balearic Islands, as in Catalonia and the Valencian Country. He writes of habitual way to the magazine of raising awareness “Mètode” on subjects of management of the natural resources. As photographer collaborates habitually with local organizations with awareness purposes on the environmental problems.

Roger Sanmartí. Technician of fauna and photographer. He has worked in the recovery of several species like the reintroduction project of the black vulture in Catalonia. He habitually works in subjects of conservation and management from fauna to the Pyrenees and other places of Catalonia. Naturalistic expert has collaborated with several mass media. He has advised to local organizations with respect to the installation equipment for the observation and the wild animal photography.